VAT/CVR - Mikkel Hørlyck Photography

Artist Statement
My projects focus on global issues, social injustice, spirituality and the depth of one’s character.

I use photojournalism to investigate the mechanisms of human survival. I approach my projects with open minded curiosity and commit myself to being engaged in the situations and experiences of those I photograph. My aim is to give a genuine and personal insight into the core of a human crisis.

Capturing moments which are often unseen, my intention is to create heartful and energetically striking images which encourage the audience to see things in new ways and to open their hearts.

I search for the universal, hidden and authentic emotions, which are at stake for the people who I am photographing. Photographs can reveal fundamental truths, which I feel a call to communicate - to create healing, understanding and memorable photographs. My projects span from weeks to several years.

I use my will, discipline and courage to advocate for values of community, freedom and progress. To build a bridge from the viewer to the people I photograph. I feel a call to tell stories of people who are facing challenging circumstances.

My work is published as longreads and in newspapers, magazines, as well on exhibitions in Denmark and abroad.


Description of ‘Mikkel Hørlyck Exhibition’:
Come all the way in, where the facets and circumstances of life challenge people from all parts of the world to want to fight for what they believe in to benefit the community and the world around them. The topics in Mikkel Hørlyck's projects are about climate changes, war, famine, migration to Europe, long-term abuse, an orphanage for social disadvantaged, consequences of the coronavirus, anorexia and warriors from The Danish Defense and its allies and more. The common denominator for all projects is the study of the will to survive of those portrayed, where universal emotions bind the stories together, at intersections, of gender, population groups, vulnerable people, nations and lives.

My name is Mikkel Hørlyck (33). I’m a conflict photojournalist and visual artist at Mikkel Hørlyck Photography based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2019, I was recipient of Discovery Of The Year at The Lucie Awards in New York City. In 2023, I joined FUTURES Photography as an artist. My work has received awards and honors from Danish Picture Of The Year, International Photography Awards and World Report Award among others.

I hold a BA in photojournalism from The Danish School Of Media and Journalism. Previously, I worked as a photojournalist intern at the Danish daily newspaper Politiken, and studied photography at Fatamorgana The Danish School of Art Photography and Krogerup High School.

Today, I work on my projects, giving lectures, doing freelance assignments and is chairman of the board at the association Gallery Human Destinies On The Edge/Galleri Menneskeskæbner på kanten.

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